Time for a Change?

It’s the end of my third year in college. I’m miserable. I hate the standards they hold me to. I kid you not, my final for a class discouraged me from using independent thought. It told me it wanted nothing more than to show I could engage literature on its own turf. “Don’t think about it, just be able to work with it.” That’s not the kind of education I want.

So I just submitted my résumé to Twitter. Yes, on the same day they announced that third party Twitter clients were essentially screwed. A lot of the developers are up in arms about this. So I applied to be either an Open Source Liaison or a Partner Engineer. Essentially, I signed up to work with either Twitter’s open source policies or their developer relations team. I figure that if I’m looking for a challenge, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Am I leaving Second Bit? No. At least, not immediately. I’m skeptical that Twitter will hire me—I don’t look all that impressive on paper. If they do, I can’t say for sure what will happen. I could work on both. I could just work for Twitter. I’m not sure what they’ll ask of me. I do have some ideas in the works, however, and will be working on implementing some of them as quickly as possible. Iterating, and all that.

In short, I’m not sure where I’m going in the future. But if I can avoid it, I’m not wasting another year and several thousand more dollars on a degree I don’t want.