My name is Paddy Foran, and I make superhumans.

Anthropologists believe that technology is a major driving factor in the development of human civilization. Civilization is what allows us to perform feats outside the range of our biological abilities; it’s what permits us to build pyramids and skyscrapers, field armies and create advanced medicines.

We are all superhumans, capable of so much more than our predecessors and even ancestors. We’ve connected our world—I have more friends across the Atlantic Ocean than I do in the city I live in.

My work is in adding to those capabilities. It’s what I do, what I aim for.

That is the purpose of technology.

Some would have you believe that technology exists to serve a business, that technology is useful precisely to the degree that it drives revenues and profits. That the technology itself doesn’t matter, that whether it empowers or constricts its users doesn’t matter, that all that matters is whether the company’s valuation is increased or not.

They are wrong. They are parasites, sucking dry our society and the people who are tasked with making superhumans.

The business is useful insofar as it builds better superhumans.

Insofar as it enables us to do so much more than we were able to do yesterday.