Some of you may have noticed links to my site have changed. I’ve stopped linking to, and started linking to instead.

All the links should still work, and will redirect appropriately. I believe I’ve updated all the internal links; if you find one that still points to, please do let me know!

I also updated my picture on here to be of my jerk husband shoving his hands in my face instead of the photo from 7 years ago of me talking at Google executives. The new photo was taken by Ali Walker. Who is great.

Some of you may be wondering why I’m migrating away from It’s largely due to me figuring out–4 years late–that .io domains pay Great Brtain for colonizing and forcing people off an island and I’m just not super down with that. And I believe my domain reflects my identity online, and that’s not really what I want my identity to be associated with.

But I also believe that cool URIs don’t change, and after painstakingly keeping URLs alive and largely pointing to this domain for the last ~6 years or so, I‘m hesitant to just let the domain lapse and the old links die. But I also don‘t want to keep contributing money to exploitation. I‘m torn as to what to do about this at the moment.

But the best time to change your domain is always yesterday, so I figured I’d make sure all future links are pointing to a domain I’m comfortable with now, and sort out what to do with the domain I’m uncomfortable with at some future date.